About Mobile Coach

Mobile Coach allows you to connect with coaches, athletes and parents both on and off the field.

Mobile Coach puts your content in the hands of your members on iOS, Android, and the Web.

If you have an existing registration system we can integrate with it. If you don't have a registration system, we can provide that for you; Mobile Coach includes first-in-class membership management, as well as content creation and distribution.

Mobile Coach allows you to create, organize and distribute a variety of content -- using our built-in content creation tools you can rest assured that your content will be accessible and relevant to all your members.

Mobile Coach is a tool for your organization, and a powerful member benefit for your membership.

Our partners have used Mobile Coach in a variety of scenarios, including

  • A delivery platform for 90 leagues reaching thousands of youths and integrating with cloud based video conferencing
  • A gated remote learning system for coaches and athletes
  • A quick and reliable source for 50,000 players needing access to operating documents
  • A fully featured registration service capable of handling parent-child connections and customizable profile questions
  • A one stop shop of coaching education content available on and off the field
  • A platform where you can showcase your sponsors and add value to your relationship

The pricing is straightforward - one flat annual licensing fee (never any per user or team charges).

Stand out with a dynamic platform that provides value to your membership.

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