Setting Up Content

Authoring Content

Adding Attachments to Content

Whereas a page is like a folder on your computer, content is like a document in that folder. You can have many pieces of content on one page, as well as one or more attachments on a piece of content. An attachment is simply a resource such as a PDF, URL, video, etc.

Content is created in much the same way an email is composed -- you add title (like a subject), as well as a few other optional fields. Then you are able to author the body of the content and add attachments.

To create a new piece of content, click "Add Content" at the upper right-hand side of the content list

To edit an existing piece of content, click on that piece of content's title from the list.

A few notes about adding new content:

  • Status: Like pages, you can have draft or published content. Draft content is visible only to app admins through the admin console.
  • Thumbnail: If you upload an image here, it will be displayed as a very small image next to the title of the content.
  • Tags: See more info on in the "Tags" section below. Before you can tag a piece of content, you must first create the tags.
  • Attachments: This is where you attach the resource or resources you wish to have associated with this content.

Building a content strategy and a calendar for releasing that content is a simple way to stay organized. Here is a great article that comes with a template for developing a content calendar.