Does your membership cater to a population where English is not their preferred language? This feature will help with that. Setting up a "Locale Variant" on your membership, and adding content in that language, will allow users to see that content in the preferred language their device is set to. To create a new locale variant, click edit next to your organization's name from the home page. In the top right-hand corner, select "Default", then click "Add Locale Variant". Select the language that you will be supporting. You are now able to add that variant language's title and subtitle. Click save to complete the initial set up of that variant.

Things to note about adding locale variants:

  • For the locale variant to be seen, a user's device must have that language set to their preferred language on their device.
  • Before you create a locale variant the default item must exist from the home page. The default item can be in whatever language you want, just note that the default will be shown to the member unless another locale variant is present.
  • You will have to go through the pages, content, tags, and sponsors you have set up and add the translated information in that specific locale variant. You can do this by clicking the title of each item, clicking "Default" in the top right-hand corner, and then adding the translated text/assets.
  • Only the items you add a locale variant to will show up in that language. I.e. if you have 10 pieces on content in English and only 8 in Spanish, the 8 Spanish pieces of content will show up along with the 2 English. That way, users will not miss out on any information, even if it is not in their preferred language.