Membership Configuration

The home tab is what you first see after logging in as an admin. By clicking the small "edit" button next to your organization's name, you can update your name, logo, cover image, and a few other items.

A few notes about setting up your home page:

  • Access: Your app can be set to "Public" or "Private". Public access will allow anyone to access your app. Private access will only allow members with accounts to log in. If you don't want an all or nothing access setting, see the "Pages" section for more info.
  • Cover Image: The cover image is the large image that appears across the top of the home page of the website and the app when your members launch the application.
  • Home Display: If you wish to only display your cover image without your organization name, you can do so by selecting the appropriate option.
  • Identity Provider: See more details in "Signing In."
  • Member Number Label: This is the prompt that the system will ask for when a member logs in. You will want it to match the same prompt your identity provider asks for. (I.e. if your membership system asks for a user ID, this line should read "User ID," whilst if it asks for an email address it should read "Email Address.")
  • Register Button: The register button allows users to sign up for an account on the app. If you do not want users to be able to sign up on their own, you can have this feature set to "Disabled". If you would like users to register for an account on their own, you set this to "Enabled".
    • If you are using the internal identity provider, this allows you to capture the profile question information you have set up (see the "Profile Questions" section for more info).
    • If you are using an external identity provider, you can link your external provider's registration system so when a user clicks "Register" they will be taken to your external identity provider registration system to set up an account. Then, using that same login, they can access the app.
    • If this feature is "Disabled", you have the opportunity to use the "Registration URL" found in the top right-hand corner of the home page to privately invite users to the app.
  • Account Support: This is where you can identify where your user should go if they have any issues. If you are using an external identity provider, the support URL should be the same as your "need help logging in" page of your external provider. If you are using the internal provider, the support URL should be a link to reach your organization's admin for this app. "Account Support Label" is just the prompt for the user to see. (I.e. "Trouble logging in? Contact support here.")