Playlists allow you to create a curated list of specific content that users can access.

Playlists can be used to group specific content together, such as drills to create practice plans, or educational videos to create a "pseudo" online course.

Users also will have the ability to create their own playlists as well. (I.e. their own practice plans out of drills/content you have provided) Reach out to the New Start Support Team if you have more questions about this feature.

To create a new playlist, click "Add Playlist" at the upper righthand side of the playlist list.

To edit an existing playlist, click on that playlist's title from the list.

Creating a new playlist will start by creating the playlist's title, followed by creating the section headers, followed by adding the existing content you have already uploaded. You are then able to add your playlist on an existing page or create a new page for your playlist to be added. Add the playlist on a page, just as you would a piece of content.