Profile Questions

If you choose to use New Start Mobile's Internal Identity Provider, you are then able to capture user data on our internal system by creating profile questions that users fill out.

To create a new profile question, click "Add Profile Question" at the upper right-hand side of the profile question list.

To edit an existing profile question, click on that question's name from the list.

Things to note about adding profile questions:

  • Name: The name of your question will be for admin purposes only. It will not be visible to the user.
  • Prompt: This will be the actual question that the user will answer. You can add "Help Text" to add clarity to the question if needed.
  • Type: Currently we have 3 options for types of questions
    • Text: This allows users to just fill in the blank to the prompt you provided.
    • Single Select: This allows users to select an answer from a list of pre-populated options that you create to answer the prompt.
    • Yes/No: This allows users to select either yes or no to answer the prompt.
  • Sequence allows you to organize the questions in whatever order you would like.
  • Responses can be either "Required" or "Optional" as users complete their profiles.
  • Presented refers to when the question will be presented to the user. You can set questions to be presented "During Registration" when they are first creating their profile, or "After Registration" deferring the questions to a later time.
    • After registration allows the user to complete their profile at a time that may work better for them while eliminating an entry barrier of multiple questions to access your app.
    • Setting questions to after registration however will show a pop-up reminder on the user's screen that reminds the user to complete the additional questions to complete their profile so you can still capture that information.
  • "Enabled" allows users to actually fit in a response to a question whereas "Disabled" would not allow users to respond to the prompt.
  • Visibility can be set to "Visible", which allows users to see the question, or "Hidden", which hides the question from users.